Magical Shopping Experience

In its effort to make shopping exciting and hi-tech Gesture Research has launched an application called G-Catalog. Shopkeepers, shopping complexes, malls and retail outlets can use this application to offer a unique shopping experience to buyers. With this latest motion recognition based application the shoppers can explore the latest range of products in a completely new way. With the movement of their body the buyers can see these products on a screen. Without any physical touch G-Catalog can be operated and thus offers a completely exceptional know-how of remote interaction with physical movements and natural human gestures. It also allows the interested buyers to direct the interface. The whole activity is a miraculous experience.

Easy Access and Integration with E-commerce

A shop, shopping complex, or mall where this G-Catalog application is available, the interested buyers can explore the brand’s portfolio to check the various products offered by the brand and that are available in the retail outlet. This way, the consumer can easily find out if the product he/she was looking for is available or not the store. In case he has liked the product in the catalog he/she can select it and can have detailed information about the price, quality and availability through its picture and description from each product sheet.

Foot Fall and Product Access Analytics

So far we have seen the benefits of G-Catalog from a consumer’s perspective. Now from a retailer, seller or shopping complex owner’s perspective G-Catalog is valuable to find out the response to any new product. The application is supported by an integrated back office information gathering tool. With this the retailer can have the idea about the number of clicks or visits on the product, the time spent by the consumer on each page and also can know about the information related to the products viewed by the consumer. The application also makes it possible to understanding the consumer’s behavior, the preferences of the people, thus allowing the retailers to know the needs and demands of the buyers.

G-Catalog Features

  • ANALYTICS Learn how many people are using G-Catalog, what products your customers are interested in, the conversation rate of passersby and more – all from G-Catalog’s online analytics dashboard.
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT G-Catalog makes it super simple to keep content up to date. When you want to update images or copy you can simply upload new files to Dropbox and it will automatically update.
  • REMOTE MONITORING G-Catalog notifies you if a player is having any problems so you can avoid those nasty Windows error messages. You can also get screenshots to ensure the on-screen content is always right.
  • SCALABILITY G-Catalog is the first gesture platform designed to handle roll-outs of 1000′s of players.
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD We built G-Catalog from the ground up to be compatible with industry-standard digital signage technology.
  • WORKS OFFLINE G-Catalog works offline. If the internet drops G-Catalog will keep on being awesome.
  • MODULAR G-Catalog is composed of a number of modular components – making it easy to integrate with your existing digital signage technology.