Gesture Control can be utilized for Productivity and Other Business use cases. From Gesture Controlled presentations to Augmented reality tele-presence, possibilities are unlimited with our solutions. Gesture Controlled also help in presenting a Hi-Tech and innovation savvy image of the organization.



G-Presenter is a motion recognition based application which makes any presentation more interactive and amazes the audience by presenting the content in an impressive way. This system gives a unique presentation way to control the slides by making certain hand gestures only. This system offers a totally new experience where no physical contact is needed and it makes the presentation more interactive and magical.


Augmented Teleconference

Today is the time of collaboration, With a normal conference the participants see others on different places. With our innovation all the users are presented in a virtual environment sitting at the same place. The experience is very engaging and give a greater sense of collaboration. With 3D viewing Hardware in place, The software can even with customized to holographic tele-presence with augmented objects placed on the scene for presentation.