Gesture Research is a startup based out of Gurgaon India, with primary focus on development of motion recognition business applications. Our expertise covers various business sectors, offering solutions for Microsoft’s non-touch platform Kinect™ for Windows (PrimeSense technology).

Gesture Research is exclusively focused on the development of motion recognition applications on Kinect™ for Windows (PrimeSense technology) and has 4 Developed Products (for Retail, hotels and restaurants, Corporates, Real Estate and Property development etc.). Gesture Research offers custom made service as well at a very competitive price.

With a team of experts based in Gurgaon, Gesture Research leads with quality and speed of delivery. As an official Microsoft® Partner (BizSpark), Gesture Research’s expertise is internationally recognized. The company invests substantially in its research and development department in order to maintain its excellence and ensure that it continues to have the most advanced technology and unrivalled know-how.

Customers are welcome to visit our Gurgaon office for hands-on demo of our technologies.


Our Team

Munish, Thinker
Acting as the CEO of Gesture Research, Munish brings a great background of Technology and Business. He is the mind behind the company’s flagship products and innovations. With a very great inclination towards Gesture Control technology Munish is always keen to experiment gesture control for many real life use cases. During his career of 10 years Munish worked for various innovative companies around the world.




Disha, Evangelist
A business-oriented Marketing Professional from India, with over 9 years of experience and a demonstrated ability to scale up organizations from near start up to large off shored centers. Worked across IT and Financial Services Industries and have been involved in the growth process of several start-ups. Currently working as CMO and Evangelist for Gesture Research, an organization working on motion sensing technology.




Aarti, Techie
Aarti is the Tech brain of Gesture Research. She brings a great experience in 3D experience development and Gesture Control. Her role had been instrumental during multiple interactive installations done by Gesture Research. With her knowledge and expertise on the subject matter she has always managed to pull some very tricky projects with great ease. Aarti has a great flair towards technology and innovation.




Vikas, Creative Technologist
Vikas creates the wonderful user interface designs. An engineer by education he is the perfect blend of Technology and Design. Being a great fan of sci-fi movies, he is never short of inspirations and ideas. He fits very best to the hi tech design requirements of the new age technology work done by  Gesture Research team. His designs are always innovative and futuristic. With a good hand on 3D and 3D design tools Vikas complements the tech team with a creative touch.